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Organizations have already turned to Microsoft Teams for web meetings and file sharing; it’s quickly become the hub for communications. Users and IT managers are now interested in taking the next step, to use Teams as the organization’s phone system.

Ribbon Connect for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing provides a frictionless way to add dial tone to Teams, enabling native Teams calling. Users can make or receive phone calls from anywhere on almost any device. Organizations can use Teams as their primary phone system or integrate it with existing PBXs/phones and contact centers to protect existing investments and business workflows.

Simplify Teams Phone System Deployments

Ribbon Connect for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is a cloud-based service that securely connects new or existing phone lines, numbers, and service plans to Microsoft Teams. Organizations can use it to make Teams their primary phone system or use it to enhance an existing PBX or Cloud UC experience. It’s purchased on a per-user basis, so organizations can deploy it for everyone or a select number of employees. There’s no hardware or software to buy, deploy or manage and IT won’t be tied down doing upgrades or support.

Give Your Customers a Better Experience

More employees are working from home or on the road, by adding Phone System services to Teams, employees have one tool for communications – available on all their devices, from anywhere. More importantly, it makes employees more accessible and responsive to customers:

  • Make and receive calls anywhere (internal or external calls)
  • No need for special skills or training for deployment
  • Customers see a business phone number, not a personal mobile number

Make Teams users more productive

  • Easy to use native Teams calling experience (desktop and mobile) – minimizes training and adoption issues
  • Be more responsive; make/receive calls from anywhere with immediate access to company directory, presence, calendar, etc.
  • Richer engagement; instantly convert from a simple phone call to a full video conference meeting

Preserve investments and business workflows

  • Easily integrate with existing PBXs, contact centers or cloud UC services (and associated phones, devices, etc.)
  • Maintain existing dial tone contracts and phone numbers
  • Seamlessly migrate to pure Teams Phone System experience in the future

Minimize IT impact and overhead

  • No specialized IT skills required – intuitive web portal eliminates Teams PowerShell configuration
  • IT doesn’t have to spend cycles deploying or supporting a separate communications client
  • No hardware or software upgrades required – 100% cloud

From a trusted leader in real-time security

  • Ribbon Communications solutions are already securing powerful communications networks across the globe
  • Built with the latest cloud services technology to assure high availability
  • Leveraging more than a decade of experience partnering with Microsoft on real-time communications integration
  • Part of a complete portfolio of solutions to securely connect Microsoft Teams communications

Take a Test Drive

  • We make it easy to try the service and verify our claims
  • Start the service with a 30-day, 25 seat pilot program, at no cost. Easily validate interoperability and demonstrate the value of the solution to decision makers and end users. Complete your assessment and rapidly add more users.
  • There’s no hardware or software to deploy – in minutes, we can set up accounts and have phone system services available to users

Ribbon Communications at NWU and the value for the IP telecommunications market

  Ribbon Communications occupies a special place in the portfolio of vendors and solutions of the NWU company, which is the official distributor of Ribbon Communications in Ukraine and has proven itself as a reliable supplier, including Ribbon SBC, which represents advanced solutions in the field of IP telecommunications for the domestic market.

  Thanks to NWU, domestic business and communication operators have the opportunity to buy Ribbon SBC in Ukraine and get communication performance and security, as well as to buy SBC SWe - deployment of SBC in the cloud or on your own server.

  If you want to buy Ribbon SBC in Ukraine or deploy it for real-time communication applications, as well as get advice on the Ribbon Connect line, Ribbon SBC and integration with Zoom Phone: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.