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Niagara Networks™ is a Silicon Valley-based company that is a pioneer in the Open Visibility Platform™, which provides necessary flexibility in network security.

Niagara Networks offers high-performance and reliable solutions for network monitoring and traffic delivery to the most demanding global service providers and corporate environments.

Niagara Networks' solutions are used in the network environments of leading global companies, providing security operations centers (SOCs) and network operations centers (NOCs) with visibility and real-time traffic analysis in both physical and virtual networks.

Niagara Networks transforms the standard level of network visibility into an expanded level of visibility and security interaction. This level allows operational engineers, security engineers, and IT specialist teams to seamlessly perform administration, performance management, monitoring, and other critical network data services.

The level of visibility and interaction is situated at the strategic border of core networks, data processing centers, and remote aggregation nodes. The strategic positioning of this critical level of intermediation allows for regulating and modifying traffic for each necessary security or monitoring device as needed through packet blocking, filtering, aggregation, replication, distribution, tunneling, intelligent load balancing based on flows, and other functions.

The level of visibility and interaction utilizes the distributed processing technology of Niagara Networks FabricFlow™ at all traffic speeds up to 100 Gbps interfaces and a non-blocking distributed switching architecture. With enhancements such as Niagara Networks Packetron™ and highly integrated distributed processing of FabricFlow™, the solution can apply traffic processing such as deduplication, NetFlow metadata, packet and flow slicing, delivering advanced processing capabilities to the visibility level.

Niagara Networks provides all the components to achieve an extensive level of network visibility and interaction at all data transmission speeds up to 100 Gbps. These include advanced packet brokers, bypass switches, network TAPs, and unified management software.

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