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 Vectra is a global leader in the use of artificial intelligence to detect and respond to cyberattacks in cloud environments, corporate infrastructures and data centres in real time.


 The solution identifies cyberattacks based on the attacker's behaviour and allows security experts to comprehensively analyse security incidents and to uncover hidden threats with the help of enriched security metadata. The platform collects huge amounts of cloud and network metadata and enriches it with security-relevant information optimised via machine learning. In this way, companies can set the course for efficient and secure operation of their infrastructures and, in the event of an attack, reconstruct the events step by step and look for hidden threats in the network with the help of AI.

Cloud-Native Network Detection & Response

 Designed by an award-winning team of data scientists and security practitioners, we holistically approach security by capturing network metadata at scale, enriching it with machine learning-derived security information, and flexibly apply it to power any of your detection-and-response use cases.


Vectra AI Platform

What it is: Intelligent, AI-driven threat detection and response for cloud, SaaS, and on-prem footprints

How it works: Vectra AI Platform captures network metadata and enriches it with machine learning-derived security intelligence

Integration: The Vectra AI Platform integrates with EDR, SIEM, firewalls, and native/hybrid cloud solutions

Services: Vectra offers a wide range of services as well as to optimize detection and incident response.

Vectra Stream

 Deliver scalable, security-enriched network metadata to feed custom detection & response tools

Vectra Recall

 Workbench for AI-assisted threat hunting – from cloud and data centre workloads to the enterprise

Vectra Detect

 Automatically detect attacker behaviors and prioritize compromised devices that pose the biggest risk

Vectra Detect for SaaS

 See and secure your entire cloud footprint with Vectra AI

Vectra Al is the best find of the NWU company for cyber security of Ukraine

 Thanks to the NWU company, which is the official distributor of Vectra Al in Ukraine, you can now buy NDR (Network Detection and Response) from the world leader of the domestic IT market, which is an integral part of the SOC triad.

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