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Media traffic protection

Ribbon's SBC Software Edition (SWe) is identical software to its award-winning SBC 5000 series and SBC 7000 product – without the appliance. Ribbon's virtualization strategy capitalizes on its heritage of enabling secure, reliable and scaleable real-time communications.

With the cloud native SBC SWe,enterprises can be sure they will be able to use secure real-time communications on almost any private or public cloud environment without compromising scale and performance – and without needing a truck roll. Enterprises further save by not having to spend CapEx for an appliance that may have unused capacity and gain flexibility by allocating virtual / cloud resources on demand.

The SBC SWe provides robust interworking for multiple signaling protocols, call admission control to manage traffic levels, multiple security features to protect privacy and ensure regulatory compliance, media (RTP) packet processing, and audio transcoding.

Enterprises can choose to deploy SBC Swe on their own private cloud or utilize a public cloud provider to support unified communications, conferencing and collaboration services, and contact centers. SBC SWe is deployable on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure. Benefits of deploying SBC SWe on a public cloud:

  • Achieve much faster time-to-market than having to procure, install, and implement the required compute, networking and storage infrastructure on a private cloud or a data center
  • Reduce operating costs by eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance of the cloud infrastructure because the public cloud provider handles this now
  • Gain flexibility and cost control when scaling SBC capacity, because public cloud resources are available on a subscription basis.

 Thanks to NWU,  business and communication operators have the opportunity to buy Ribbon SBC in Ukraine and get communication performance and security, as well as to buy SBC SWe - deployment of SBC in the cloud or on your own server.

 To buy Ribbon SBC in Ukraine or deploy it for real-time communication applications, as well as get advice on the Ribbon Connect line, Ribbon SBC and integration with Zoom Phone: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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