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Beyond Security are experts in automated vulnerability testing tools, which are used by customers around the globe including Fortune 100 organizations. Beyond Security tools help device hardening, detection and manage known and unknown security risks and enable compliancy with local regulations. Our tools are known for accuracy, quick setup and management, featuring integrated work flows and framework integration. 

3 leading product lines are:

beSECURE: automated vulnerability scanning and risk management, enables data center managers to to protect the critical areas of your network and your custom web-applications. AVDS is also very popular with MSPs, Telecoms for providing automated scanning services for their customers internal and external facing systems

Provides a unique combination of features which maps and scores your network providing a simple step by step workflow showing you in real time which parts of your network and which systems are most vulnerable to attack and exactly where to start your remediation process.

beSTORM: Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and multiprotocol fuzzer. Detects ZERO DAY / Un-Known security vulnerabilities, and robustness issues in all types of software, file structures, and hardware.

  • Critical infrastructure: beSTORM is certified by the ISA Security Compliance Institute
  • Transportation:  powerful tool in the automotive industry detecting vulnerabilities in such devices as:  CANbus, drive trains, new generation head-end units, the full range of ECUs and more.
  • Microsoft SDL Pro Network:  member, specializing in application security

beSOURCE: Static Application Security Testing (SAST), a powerful code analysis tool which bridges the divide between SecOps into DevOps by offering developers and QA teams a reliable and easy to use tool with both on-premises and cloud deployment options. beSOURCE detects security  and programming quality issues in your software and provides recommendations to help to make their code faster and more efficient.

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