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Exabeam is a Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) solution that enables companies to gather security threat data from various sources, process it to detect threats, and respond to background threats without human involvement. The solution aims to enhance both physical and digital security efficiency.

This is achieved through built-in data collection, planning, tracking, management, and coordination tools for security incident-related processes, automated processing and orchestration, policy enforcement, and subsequent reporting.

Exabeam can function as a fully autonomous solution, performing all functions from data collection and storage of digital event data, data analytics, anomaly detection, and response to identified incidents. It can also complement existing data collection systems such as log collectors or security information and event management (SIEM) systems by adding user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and incident response capabilities with integration into existing security tools, transforming the log collection system into a full-fledged SOAR. Additionally, it can also work as a standalone full-featured SIEM system.

Exabeam allows businesses to obtain a vast amount of operational information collected from all devices and presents it in a convenient and easily understandable representation of correlated events without the labor-intensive and time-consuming manual analysis process. In its solution, Exabeam provides its customers with the experience of global companies in security threat detection by offering pre-built detection schemes that can be tailored to specific clients and situations using machine learning. The solution also allows clients to modify or add new schemes according to their needs and even facilitates this process.

Key features and benefits of the solution include:

  • Immediate efficiency enhancement
  • Works with existing data from access system logs
  • Data for analysis is retrieved directly from APIs, Syslog from files, and/or through custom agents
  • Automatic activity chronology is provided
  • Includes built-in threat detection schemes based on the experience of leading global security services

Assists security operations

  • Risk assessment based on dynamic activity prioritizes critical security breaches and high-risk users
  • Automated chronicle of all activity across all sessions speeds up investigations and eliminates labor-intensive manual work
  • Does not impose licensing restrictions on the sources of collected data

Rapidly detects attacks

Machine learning combined with data processing and analysis automatically creates Stateful User Tracking™, which tracks user activity across sessions, accounts, IP addresses, and devices while preserving relevant information.

Establishes a baseline for normal and risky behavior using a holistic picture of identity information.

Exabeam provides an additional layer of analytics on top of existing SIEM systems, analyzing behavior in ways that are not possible with outdated technologies.

Stateful User Tracking™

Unique among other APP products, Exabeam's Stateful User Tracking™ automates much of the work of highly skilled threat response experts by combining session activity, device, IP address, and identity data. It then creates a behavior baseline for each user, evaluating normal and risky behavior.

This system helps Exabeam detect attacks that bypass traditional security systems and assists staff in assessing and responding to these attacks.

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