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Cossack Labs builds data security tools that help organizations prevent leakage and misuse of sensitive data and comply with data security regulations. Founded in 2014, Cossack Labs has been developing its core technologies in stealth mode and after thorough testing with early adopters is now commercializing its solutions.

The company provides complete sensitive data lifecycle protection within a customer’s applications in a highly convenient form factor. Our tools take care of encryption, key management, access control, intrusion detection, accountable logging under-the-hood, enabling our customers to focus on their own business, building their software products and systems with confidence that data security has been totally taken care of.

Product lineup: Cossack Labs tools aim at covering the complete lifecycle of the sensitive data in customer’s products, combining cryptography and additional security measures to mitigate most of sensitive data risks data is facing:

Acra: security suite for rapid integration of database encryption and intrusion detection into existing web and distributed applications without significant re-engineering. Provides selective encryption, SQL filtering, leakage detection and prevention.

Toughbase: end-to-end encrypted data lifecycle system for modern distributed applications, providing cryptographic access control and preventing most infrastructure data leakage vectors in a single efficient application framework.

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