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 CA Technologies (a Broadcom Company) is a major global software and services vendor. It creates systems software that supports and manages mainframe, distributed computing and virtual machine environments, as well as application delivery, security, and data centre infrastructure. It operates primarily in the B2B space and claims that its customers include the majority of the Forbes Global 2,000 companies.

 CA Technologies (a Broadcom Company) offers LAYER7® PRIVILEGED ACCESS MANAGEMENT.

 Layer7 Privileged Access Management is designed to prevent security breaches by protecting sensitive administrative credentials, controlling privileged user access, proactively enforcing security policies, and monitoring and recording privileged user activity across virtual, cloud, and physical environments. The solution provides a privileged credential vault, session recording, threat analytics, host-based access control for missioncritical servers, and application-to-application password management to address non-human actors, such as applications, configuration files, and scripts.

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