Cubro Network Visibility offers a wide range of passive and secure network TAPs, network packet brokers and network probes to connect the ever-growing number of monitoring tools to the production network. The network visibility devices assure that each of these tools gets a copy of the network data it needs to prevent tool performance oversubscription which reduces the costs of monitoring tools. Our solutions include smart filtering based on higher layer - up to the application layer (L7), monitoring, load balancing, aggregation, and metadata extraction which result in improved operational efficiency and network performance.

Today, enterprises and carriers with large, complex networks often find it overwhelming to manage their networks to minimize outages and performance issues. All carriers, data centers, defense organizations and enterprises MUST look to secure and manage their growing network traffic demands, improve productivity and save MTTR by having complete network visibility. Cubro Network Visibility enables organizations to meet these challenges with solutions that deliver high ROI, cutting-edge features, and exceptional reliability.

Unlike other providers that burden customers with annual port and software licensing fees, we provide a single, unified visibility solution with a full feature set for no additional cost. Our customers experience the full value of network visibility providing them with the insights they need to be confident about their network architecture and performance.

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