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Tufin is a company that develops software for automating security policy changes on hybrid platforms, while enhancing security and compliance.


  • Automation - automating visibility and reserves, optimizing firewalls, providing flexibility and security advantages throughout the organization, including incorporating security policy recommendations into security workflows, compliance checks, and DevOps pipelines.
  • Network security policy management to ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies across the entire hybrid network.
  • Audit readiness - ensuring audit readiness by demonstrating and documenting adherence to rules and internal policies, including workflows, change history, approvals, and exceptions.
  • Risk management - optimizing network segmentation, risk analysis, confidence in applying your security policies across the entire hybrid network, and with all vendors.
  • Cloud - secure cloud environments with automated security policy management, automation of network security checks in the CI/CD pipeline for early detection and rapid remediation, as well as continuous compliance, unifying security policy management to ensure consistency across public and private environments, including Kubernetes.

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