Our mission is to fundamentally change the way organizations manage their security and network infrastructure. Enterprise networks are becoming increasingly complex and fragmented, spanning across many on-premise, private and public cloud environments. At the same time, digital transformation and DevOps practices are driving an explosion in software releases requiring frequent connectivity changes, with each new network connection creating a new potential entry point for cyber-attackers. Today, businesses can no longer efficiently and securely control information flows across their network. We believe that there is a more informed, secure and efficient way to orchestrate security-related changes across enterprise networks, and have pioneered a security policy management platform to bring automation and analytics to security and network operations

Tufin enables customers to increase their business agility while maintaining a robust security posture across physical networks, hybrid cloud, containers and microservices. We provide policy-based automation to help customers implement changes in minutes instead of days, save time and valuable resources, and maintain continuous compliance with industry regulations and internal policies.  Tufin solution is used by global enterprises with some of the largest, most complex networks to make security manageable by monitoring, analyzing, automating and orchestrating changes from a single pane of glass.

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