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Media traffic protection

 Designed for communications service providers and large enterprises, the SBC 5400 is a powerful, compact and purpose-built SBC for the multimedia communications of today and tomorrow. With the ability to scale from 2GB to 10GB of multimedia traffic, the Ribbon SBC 5400 provides all of the features you need in an SBC today—robust network security, sophisticated routing and policy management, overload controls, SIP normalization—plus the features you’ll need tomorrow, such as IPv4-IPv6 interworking, multi-modal communication, built-in media transcoding, and assured performance and scale under heavy traffic. As a key component of Ribbon’s award-winning SBC Core platform family, the SBC 5400 meets all of the security, scalability, availability, and management requirements of service providers and large enterprises.

Thanks to NWU,  business and communication operators have the opportunity to buy Ribbon SBC in Ukraine and get communication performance and security, as well as to buy SBC SWe - deployment of SBC in the cloud or on your own server.

 To buy Ribbon SBC in Ukraine or deploy it for real-time communication applications, as well as get advice on the Ribbon Connect line, Ribbon SBC and integration with Zoom Phone: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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