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 Microsoft Teams is a powerful alternative to traditional office phone systems, making it easy for employees to make and receive business phone calls from anywhere. Ribbon has a portfolio of Microsoft certified Session Border Controllers (SBCs) that enable organizations to securely connect Teams to a telecom provider.

Ribbon SBCs secure the telecom connection, assure interoperability with hundreds of providers, and help integrate legacy equipment. Rapidly deploy Ribbon solutions from the cloud (AWS or Azure), in a data center or in the office.

  • Solutions for a single location or a global, multi-site, enterprise
  • Integrate with existing PBXs, phones, and analog devices
  • Deployment in the cloud or as software or hardware
  • Buy the solution or acquire as a service
  • Local survivability options (Microsoft SBA support)
  • Emergency calling (911/999) integration
  • More than a decade of experience enabling Microsoft solutions

Use Ribbon solutions to securely connect external phone lines to Microsoft Phone System. Use Microsoft Teams to replace legacy office phone systems

  • Microsoft Certified for Direct Routing
  • Connect with Existing Carriers and PBXs
  • Cloud, Software, or Hardware Options
  • Local Survivability Options

Using Teams to make phone calls – 4 key requirements:

  1. Microsoft Phone System license in Microsoft 365 (typically included in the E5 package and an add-on for E3 & E1 – check your contract for details).
  2. A telecom provider that offers IP phone lines (SIP Trunks) for Microsoft Direct Routing. Retain your existing telecom provider or seek a new one.
  3. A Microsoft-certified Session Border Controller instance to terminate the SIP Trunks. The SBC acts as a voice firewall and can mitigate interoperability issues.
  4. A trained staff member or an IT professional that can assist with set-up of the solution.

Use a Ribbon SBC to simplify a migration to Teams:

  • SIP Trunks for Direct Routing
  • Redundant SIP Trunks for failover
  • Analog/Digital trunks (FXO)
  • Analog stations (FXS)
  • Legacy PBX integration
  • Contact center integration
  • Simultaneous ringing (SIP forking)
  • SIP phone/device support

What is the SBC’s Role in Direct Routing?

  • Microsoft requires a certified SBC to act as a bridge between Teams and the telephone network. Ribbon’s session border controllers provide multiple functions:
  • Security – it acts as a voice-aware firewall and encrypts traffic to protect the voice traffic itself and to prevent bad actors from entering the data network via the voice network
  • Interoperability – not every SIP Trunking provider is identical, Ribbon’s SBCs can adjust key parameters to make set-up easy and trouble-free
  • Legacy Connectivity – many organizations still have analog phones, elevator phones, door phones and fax machines. Ribbon’s hardware–based SBCs have analog ports (FXS) to keep these assets working for years to come
  • Migration – often organizations want to slowly migrate to Teams, keeping their legacy PBX in place for weeks or even months or years. Ribbon SBCs can provide simultaneous ringing so that both Teams and the old PBX share connectivity.
  • Resiliency or Fail over – Ribbon SBCs have multiple options, including WAN connection failover and Microsoft Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) support to manage disruptions in service.
  • These tools can keep your organization connected even if the unexpected happens.

Multiple Survivability and Resiliency Options

 As organizations move exclusively to cloud-based communications, the reliability of cloud access becomes even more important. Ribbon has multiple options to provide survivability in case a WAN link fails, or the Microsoft 365 cloud is unreachable.

Options include:

  • Support for Microsoft’s Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA)
  • Support for resilient WAN links with rapid or seamless fail-over
  • High availability software architectures (with multi-route resiliency)
  • Redundant hardware options

 Ribbon’s heritage supporting some of the world’s largest carrier networks means that we know how to build communication networks that support 99.999% uptime. Our experts can help develop the most effective solution for your deployment requirements.

The Ribbon Difference

Ribbon has a longstanding relationship with Microsoft, so it is no surprise that we have the largest portfolio of Microsoft-certified session border controllers. We’ve created more choices because Ribbon understands that every organization has unique communications and security requirements depending on the markets they serve, business processes, organization size/scope and their existing communications environment.

Many of the world’s largest communication service providers use Ribbon SBCs to protect their networks and deliver the SIP Trunks they provide for Direct Routing. There’s a good chance your Ribbon SBC will be connecting to its peer in the service provider’s cloud.

Ribbon Communications at NWU and the value for the IP telecommunications market

  Ribbon Communications occupies a special place in the portfolio of vendors and solutions of the NWU company, which is the official distributor of Ribbon Communications in Ukraine and has proven itself as a reliable supplier, including Ribbon SBC, which represents advanced solutions in the field of IP telecommunications for the domestic market.

  Thanks to NWU, domestic business and communication operators have the opportunity to buy Ribbon SBC in Ukraine and get communication performance and security, as well as to buy SBC SWe - deployment of SBC in the cloud or on your own server.

  If you want to buy Ribbon SBC in Ukraine or deploy it for real-time communication applications, as well as get advice on the Ribbon Connect line, Ribbon SBC and integration with Zoom Phone: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information or to order test solutions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.