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Achieve continuous compliance and reduce network change SLAs by up to 90% with network change design automation and rule lifecycle management.

"ROI on our Tufin investment has been great. It was, and still is, driven by productivity gains, reduction of re-work from manual errors and automated coordination across teams"- Head of Firewall Management Team, Big 4 Professional Services Firm

Eliminate network change and rule review backlogs.

Tufin lets your team do more with existing resources by providing flexible workflows and automation that can dramatically reduce your time spent on network changes and rule lifecycle management.

Repeatable, auditable and policy-driven processes also reduce risk for your organization, while making it easier for you to implement and maintain more advanced network segmentation.

Tufin integrates with leading ITSM solutions, allowing for a ticket in your ITSM to trigger a workflow within Tufin.

Workflow Examples:

  • Access/Decommission Request
  • Group Modification
  • Rule Modification
  • Rule Recertification

Fully Automated with SecureChange+

Unlock end-to-end change automation, including automated change provisioning with Tufin Enterprise.

Automate rule lifecycle management.

Tufin orchestrates rule review across owners with an automated recertification process. It identifies expiring or expired rules and maps them to owners, eliminating many of the manual steps normally required.

  • Customize your rule review process.
  • Identify inactive owners for rule reassignment.
  • Orchestrate rule review across owners.
  • Automate rule certification, changes when needed, and decommissioning when appropriate.
  • Maintain a consistent audit trail.

Reduce downtime with network topology intelligence that supports 100M+ routes.

SecureChange+ topology intelligence and dynamic mapping powers many of the capabilities that set Tufin apart from the competition.

  • Highly accurate target selection and visualization of proposed change designs
  • Verification that access was successfully added
  • Path analysis enables investigation of traffic paths for fast troubleshooting
  • Simulating and managing network traffic paths (e.g. managing multi-cloud paths)

Proactive risk assessment incorporates third-party security intelligence.

SecureChange enables continuous compliance with internal policies and industry regulations, such as PCI-DSS, NERC-CIP, and HIPAA.

Proactive risk assessment is part of the network change design process. This vets proposed changes against your security/compliance policies, and it can be customized to cross-reference intelligence from third-party solutions, such as vulnerability management tools, SIEM, SOAR and endpoint threat detection tools.

Extend network security policy orchestration and automation to the cloud.

Only Tufin provides agentless, multi-cloud policy management. Take full advantage of cloud-native infrastructure, maintain enterprise-wide visibility and control, and optimize segmentation across on-prem and cloud.

Integrate security guardrails into the CI/CD process.

Tufin easily integrates into your CI/CD process to serve as the security gatekeeper for your DevOps team, so they don’t need to change how they work. Tufin will alert on access changes that violate segmentation policies and proactively block the changes pre-deployment. This simple step can vastly reduce risk for your organization while trimming workload.

Inject vulnerability awareness into the change design process.

Vulnerability-based Change Automation (VCA) integrates vulnerability awareness into the change design process, by checking for vulnerabilities on source and destination during the change design process.

Gain advanced audit readiness with enterprise-wide change logging.

As with SecureTrack+, SecureChange+ provides real-time compliance monitoring and a variety of customizable audit reports that align with regulatory standards, such as PCI-DSS, NERC-CIP, HIPAA, GDPR and more. However, SecureChange+ enables a more advanced state of audit readiness by providing a comprehensive audit trail for network changes, including full change accountability and audit-ready reports. All related tickets and every change is logged and reportable.

Tufin Orchestration Suit: A Unique Solution for the Ukrainian IT Market in NWU's Portfolio

Tufin Orchestration Suit is a truly advanced and unique solution from a global leader in cybersecurity, now available in the Ukrainian IT market through NWU, Tufin's official distributor in Ukraine. This gives you the opportunity to purchase Tufin in Ukraine. Tufin Orchestration Suit is a coveted solution for SOC teams in any Ukrainian company.

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