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Centralize network security policy management, risk mitigation and compliance monitoring across firewalls, NGFWs, routers, switches, SDN and hybrid cloud.

"We save countless hours on rule cleanup and compliance reporting, and we can give management visibility without pulling one of our valuable team members from critical tasks." - Cybersecurity Manager, Large U.S. Utilities Company

Centralize network security policy management and simplify segmentation.

Gain holistic visibility, and consolidate the management of your network segmentation policies across on-premises and cloud. SecureTrack+ allows you to establish a baseline of allowed and blocked traffic between security zones and monitor in real time for violations, making it easier to implement and manage consistent network segmentation

Security Policy Builder​

Then Tufin monitors network traffic logs in real time to illuminate the gaps between your desired segmentation and reality, providing instruction on the changes required to close those gaps.

IPAM Integration

SecureTrack+ automatically populates and maintains any subnet changes, increasing the accuracy of risk assessments and violation alerts.

Automated firewall rule and network object cleanup delivers immediate ROI.

Firewall Rule Cleanup

SecureTrack+ automatically detects and alerts on unused, shadowed, redundant, overly permissive rules and enables automatic rule decommissioning. Tufin clients have reduced their time spent on rule cleanup by 90%.

Automatic Unused Object Identification and Network Object Decommissioning

SecureTrack+ can identify and remove network objects (server/subnet/range), which are no longer used due to hardware replacement or network architecture changes.

Consolidate and automate firewall management and rule base optimization.

Tufin provides a central repository of all the firewall rules and objects to simplify firewall management across multi-vendor, multi-platform technologies. An advanced search and filtering mechanism reduces the time and effort associated with firewall management.

The Automated Policy Generator automatically determines, based on existing traffic, who/what truly requires access, optimizing firewall rule bases in accordance with least privilege principles. This unique capability not only makes firewall optimization attainable for overstretched firewall teams, but it allows optimization to become part of a repeatable firewall management process.

Compliance monitoring across thousands of network and cloud resources provides real-time risk awareness.

Network and security teams can see risky access and firewall security policy violations in real-time from a central dashboard and receive alerts. SecureTrack monitors network changes and compares them to security/compliance policies, prioritizing violations by criticality.

Vulnerability Mitigation

SecureTrack+ integrates with your vulnerability management solution, allowing you to correlate network intelligence with vulnerability scanning data. This allows you to prioritize patching faster.

Extend network security policy orchestration and automation to the cloud.

Only Tufin provides agentless, multi-cloud policy management. Take full advantage of cloud-native infrastructure, maintain enterprise-wide visibility and control, and optimize segmentation across on-prem and cloud.

Integrate security guardrails into the CI/CD process.

Tufin easily integrates into your CI/CD process to serve as the security gatekeeper for your DevOps team, so they don’t need to change how they work. Tufin will alert on access changes that violate segmentation policies and proactively block the changes pre-deployment. This simple step can vastly reduce risk for your organization while trimming workload.

Make data center migration and hardware expansion faster and safer.

The network object policy cloning workflow​ dramatically reduces manual tasks and the human error associated with data center migration, hardware expansion and/or hardware replacement, as it automatically clones the security policy of existing servers/subnets/ranges to newly added ones.

Reduce audit prep by up to 90%.

In addition to real-time compliance monitoring for risky changes and violations, SecureTrack+ provides an automated audit trail that allows you to rapidly generate a variety of customizable audit reports that comply with regulatory standards, such as PCI-DSS, SOX, NERC-CIP, HIPAA, GDPR and more. This is your first step towards continuous compliance.

Tufin Orchestration Suit: A Unique Solution for the Ukrainian IT Market in NWU's Portfolio

Tufin Orchestration Suit is a truly advanced and unique solution from a global leader in cybersecurity, now available in the Ukrainian IT market through NWU, Tufin's official distributor in Ukraine. This gives you the opportunity to purchase Tufin in Ukraine. Tufin Orchestration Suit is a coveted solution for SOC teams in any Ukrainian company.

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