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Tufin Orchestration Suite Enhances Network Visibility Tools, Incorporates Audit and Compliance Tools, and Adds Support for Palo Alto Prisma, Cisco Viptela, Check Point Quantum, VMware NSX-T on AWS, and More

 Tufin, the leader in network and cloud security policy automation, today announced the release of Tufin Orchestration Suite (TOS) version R23-2. The latest edition streamlines Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) policy management across an organization’s hybrid network, expedites security audits and compliance efforts, and enhances application connectivity triage, offering organizations a comprehensive solution for their evolving security and networking needs.

 In today's digital landscape, users, applications, and data are ubiquitous, demanding a more flexible and accessible network than ever. The increased traffic poses cost and security challenges for organizations, driving the need to embrace SASE as the new standard for securing internet traffic, reshaping networks and security paradigms.

 TOS R23-2 applies Tufin’s strength in automating security policy management for today’s hybrid and converged networks to a SASE philosophy, adding key functionality such as visibility, audit and compliance tools, troubleshooting, and change automation to ensure that modern enterprises are able to manage their traditional and cloud infrastructure succinctly and securely.

 “The modern enterprise network can no longer be confined to any one location. Users are everywhere, applications need to be accessed from any connection point, and the amount of data flowing over the network has grown exponentially. This has made the hybrid cloud network an overly complex entity – one that is challenging from a resource standpoint to manage properly,” said Ruth Gomel Kafri, VP of Product Management at Tufin. “Here at Tufin, we understand that network and security teams need powerful tools that can bring together network and cloud security protections in a way that is easy and intuitive to operate, automating as many manual processes as possible to increase efficiency.”

Key highlights of TOS R23-2 include:

  • Enhanced Visibility, Compliance, and Automation - To help customers better address their network and cloud security needs in a streamlined, cost-efficient approach, TOS R23-2 expands Tufin’s support into additional SASE- and cloud-based management platforms. This gives teams the visibility and controls necessary for today’s complex hybrid network structures. The additional platforms Tufin supports include Prisma Access by Palo Alto Networks, Cisco Viptela SD-WAN, Check Point Quantum Smart 1-Cloud, and VMware NSX-T deployed on AWS. In addition, customers can now use Panorama URL categories in access requests and leverage internet objects in access requests for Check Point and Stonesoft devices.
  • Accelerated Security Audit and Compliance - Preserving the change history of security access rules is imperative for organizations, particularly in regulated sectors such as finance and healthcare, as it facilitates timely audit readiness and the demonstration of compliance with security regulations and industry standards. Such visibility enables network administrators to also quickly address network outages or data breaches by highlighting when changes were made, and what has changed.
  • Improved User Experience - With the release of TOS R23-2, Tufin enhances the end-user experience with several new features and capabilities, making it more efficient for customers to manage their network and cloud security policies.The enhancements include multi-vendor ticket automation and streamlined SecureChange ticket management.

Tufin Orchestration Suit: A Unique Solution for the Ukrainian IT Market in NWU's Portfolio

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