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 Help Net Security recently surveyed 150 senior industry professionals, including CISOs and their management teams. The findings revealed that security analysts believe that a significant portion, up to 57%, of their daily tasks could be automated. 

 Additionally, 47% of respondents express dissatisfaction with their current SOC infrastructure visibility. In comparison, 87% seek consolidation of multiple technologies into a unified platform to enhance workflow, with 88% planning to prioritize cloud security investments. 

  The findings from the Help Net Security survey highlight the challenges faced by security analysts, including the need for automation and improved infrastructure visibility.  

  The Total Economic Impact™ Of Tufin, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Tufin, May 2023 that discusses the benefits of investment in Tufin, such as:

  • 94% reduction in effort for network change analysis 

  • 95% increase in audit and reporting efficiency  

  • 80% reduction in risk of vulnerability-related breach  

  • 75% reduction in application connectivity management effort 

 Investing in Tufin can address these needs by reducing effort for network change analysis, improving audit and reporting efficiency, lowering the risk of vulnerability-related breaches, and streamlining application connectivity management. 

 87% of Respondents Seek Consolidation of Multiple Technologies into a Unified Platform to Enhance Workflow 

 Network security teams face challenges in tackling issues within intricate environments they lack full understanding of. This results in delays when troubleshooting outages, identifying affected technologies, networks, or systems during breaches, and implementing timely corrective measures. 

 Tufin empowers NetSec and CloudSec teams by providing a unified platform to enhance visibility across the network environment, streamline network and application connectivity through its topology map, efficiently handle and document complex infrastructure changes, ensure precise configuration of devices and technologies, anticipate and preemptively address risks in the change process to avoid violations, and effectively segregate environments and manage security zones across diverse devices. 

Tufin provides a centralized platform for managing security policies across heterogeneous environments, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures. Instead of dealing with disparate tools for firewall management, network segmentation, and access control, organizations can streamline their operations by managing all policies through Tufin’s unified interface.  

 Tufin automates and orchestrates critical security processes, such as policy provisioning, change management, and compliance auditing. By automating repetitive tasks and workflows, Tufin helps organizations improve operational efficiency and reduce the risk of human error.  

 In addition, Tufin offers comprehensive visibility into network security policies and configurations, allowing organizations to gain insights into their entire security posture. With real-time visibility into policy changes, access controls, and network traffic, security teams can make informed decisions and respond quickly to security incidents. 

88% of Respondents Plan to Prioritize Cloud Security Investments 

 Network security teams constantly grapple with limited visibility into the cloud, resulting in unused and risky access rules, complex manual identification processes, and difficulties managing complex, multi-vendor environments.   

 Additionally, the absence of a unified automated change process across on-premises firewalls, cloud environments, and NSGs leads to multiple manual processes, reduced SLAs, increased error rates, and heightened risk levels. 

 Tufin’s cloud-native policy management capabilities enable organizations to define, enforce, and monitor security policies across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. 

 Through Tufin’s support for cloud providers such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Palo Alto Prisma Access, customers experience:  

  • Improved security posture and reduced attack surface in Azure, providing them with actionable insights into all the risky and unused rules.   

  • Reduced MTTR by troubleshooting broken connectivity across the hybrid environment using an interactive topology map.  

  • Ensuring continuous compliance by performing proactive risk assessment as part of the change process.  

  • Reduced SLA and avoided redo’s using a unified, automated change process covering all FWs on-premises, in the cloud, and NSGs together. 

 Seamless integration with leading cloud platforms and cloud-native security solutions enables interoperability and data exchange across the cloud security ecosystem, maximizing the value of existing investments and ensuring comprehensive coverage.  

 Deep visibility into cloud assets, configurations, and network traffic empowers organizations to identify risks and vulnerabilities, while continuous compliance monitoring and reporting capabilities ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. 


  The findings from Help Net Security’s survey underscore the need for automation, improved visibility, and streamlined security operations.  

 Tufin’s network security solutions cater to large enterprises with complex operations and multi-vendor, hybrid-cloud networks, providing a single platform that automates and streamlines workloads for Network and Cloud Security teams. 

 By ensuring end-to-end network visibility, simplifying hybrid-cloud policy management, facilitating fast and secure application deployment, and ensuring continuous compliance automation, Tufin enables organizations to meet data protection regulations, comply with audits, and safeguard their networks effectively.

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