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 Tufin®, the leader in network and cloud security policy automation, today announced Dashboard Essentials, a new extension to the Tufin Orchestration Suite that improves analytics for monitoring security, compliance, and operational efficiency.

 The extension gives customers access to specialized analytics tools that help track the progress of their security implementation and make it easy to measure the ROI of their investment in Tufin.

 “Dashboard Essentials gives customers the tools they need to bridge the gap between initial deployment and the achievement of operational milestones, highlighting successes along the way,” said Hadas Lahav, Director of Product Management, Applications at Tufin. “Our security policy management solution has a positive impact on network environments from the start, and this extension helps customers make sure implementation stays on track, while showcasing that value to all stakeholders.”

 With Dashboard Essentials, customers gain a visual representation of their network environment. It provides detailed metrics related to rule cleanup, risk reduction, compliance, change management activity, and other crucial factors. Customers can easily generate PDF reports that simplify the process of monitoring progress and sharing success with the larger team.

Tufin Dashboard Essentials helps organizations track the status of goals such as:

  • Achieving compliance with PCI DSS 4.0, NERC-CIP and other regulatory frameworks
  • Implementing a comprehensive rule certification process
  • Measuring risk across your network and tracking mitigation efforts
  • Demonstrating adherence to SLAs for access requests and other change requests

Dashboard Essentials is currently in beta testing.

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