• Exabeam

Security Log Management can ingest, parse, store, and search log data at scale with a cloud-native data lake, hyper-quick query performance, and dashboarding across multi-year data.

Cloud-scale Security Log Management

Exabeam Security Log Management is the industry’s most advanced cloud-native solution in support of security use cases. The product represents the entry point to ingest, parse, store, and search security data in one place, providing a lightning fast, modern search and dashboarding experience across multi-year data. Exabeam Security Log Management delivers affordable log management at scale without requiring advanced programming, query-building skills or lengthy deployment cycles.

Cloud-scale visibility

Exabeam Security Log Management is the industry’s most advanced cloud-native solution for security use cases. A powerful user interface, allows you to onboard and monitor ingestion of on-premises or cloud data and build and monitor parsers, and visualize the data consumption and the health of every Exabeam service. Drive desired security outcomes to close critical gaps by understanding your data source coverage and configuration. Learn precisely what to do to improve your security posture by seeing recommended information, event streams, and parsing configurations that adapt to your organization’s needs.

Comprehensive log collection

Securely collect data from on-premises or cloud data sources using a single interface. Parse each raw log into a security event as data travels from the source, identify named fields, and normalize them using a standard format (CIM) for accelerated analysis and added security context. A wizard enables custom parser creation from new or templates log sources, making it easy to develop, deploy, and manage error-free parsers.

  • 200+ on-premises products
  • Multiple transport methods: API, agent, syslog, SIEM data lake
  • 34 cloud-delivered security products
  • 11 SaaS productivity applications
  • 21 cloud infrastructure products
  • 7,937 pre-built log parsers

Fast, intuitive search capabilities

An essential capability of Exabeam Security Log Management is Search — a single interface that allows analysts to search across hot, warm, cold, and frozen data at the same speed. The time savings are valuable, as investigations usually entail multiple queries and require that search terms be refined over multiple iterations to obtain the desired results. Search across real-time or historical data is also no longer a barrier. SOC teams do not have to import and wait for historical data to be restored and processed. And there’s no learning curve; analysts don’t need to learn a proprietary query language. Create powerful visualizations from your parsed log data quickly. Build a dashboard in a minute from 14 different pre-built chart types.

Automated investigation experience

Turn your searches into powerful threat-hunting rules in one click. Properly designed correlation rules enable enterprises to surface a broad range of abnormal behavior and events. To identify these anomalies, define conditions that function as triggers by comparing incoming events with predefined relationships between entities. Write, test, publish, and monitor custom correlation rules for your most critical business entities and assets, including defining higher criticality for those that correspond to Threat Intelligence Service-sourced activity. Add context enrichment to events from multiple commercial and open source threat intelligence feeds, which aggregate, scrub, and rank them, using proprietary machine learning algorithms to produce a highly accurate, up-to-date stream of IoCs.

How it works

Exabeam Security Log Management ingests, parses and stores logs, and uses a new common information model (CIM), data enrichment using threat intelligence and other context, to help create security events. Correlation Rules provides a single interface to write, test, publish and monitor custom correlation rules to define conditions that function as triggers by comparing incoming events with predefined relationships between entities to identify and escalate anomalies.  Integration with the Exabeam dashboard app, offers the ability to quickly create visualizations from parsed log data through pre-built compliance reports, or customized reports and dashboards.