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 Security intelligence and management solutions startup Exabeam Inc. today announced new cybersecurity features designed to address the limitations of traditional and legacy security information and event management solutions.

 Announced at the company’s Spotlight23 annual user conference, the new features include enhanced threat detection, investigation and response innovations that leverage artificial intelligence, generative AI and machine learning that increase security team productivity.

The new TDIR capabilities further improve the fidelity of threat detections, streamline the investigation experience and automate the TDIR workflow. A new feature called Threat Explainer quickly and accurately classifies threats and clearly articulates business risk. Threat Explainer leverages historical data to summarize incidents into simple narratives and highly tailored recommendations for best remediation actions.

The Exabeam platform also has a new data telemetry capability that uses machine learning to alert customers about possible log source configuration errors. The feature is designed to help spot gaps between predicted and actual data volumes to help avoid billing overages.

The new features build on the Exabeam Security Operations Platform that was announced at the same conference last year. The platform gives security teams the “greatest fighting chance” at defeating adversaries through a workflow for threat detection, investigation and response. Since launching last October, Exabeam has released more than 400 new product features, including Outcomes Navigator, Log Stream and the API developer experience.

Core to the offering has been AI, which Exabean describes as both an opportunity and a challenge for security teams. The AI-driven Exabeam Security Operations Platform provides situational awareness to allow security and business team members to have a shared understanding of an organization’s security posture and the same interpretation of every threat, resulting in less room for inaccurate assumptions and human error.

“The data processing requirements of AI-driven security operations can only be met using a cloud-native infrastructure optimized for cost and speed,” said Adam Geller, chief executive officer of Exabeam. “Leveraging AI and now generative AI, we continue to push the envelope of innovation with cloud-native SIEM, security analytics and security investigation solutions.”

About Exabeam

 Exabeam is a global cybersecurity leader that helps organizations detect threats, defend against cyberattacks, and defeat adversaries. Exabeam was the first to put AI and machine learning in its products to deliver behavioral analytics on top of SIEM. Today, our New-Scale SIEMTM includes cloud-scale security log management, powerful behavioral analytics, and automated threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) to provide an advantage against cyberthreats. Exabeam baselines normal behavior so security operations teams can identify the abnormal and take action — for faster, more complete responses and repeatable security outcomes.

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