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Exabeam, a global cybersecurity leader and creator of New-Scale SIEM for advancing security operations, today announced the general availability of Outcomes Navigator, an advanced visualization feature within the New-Scale SIEM product portfolio. 

Outcomes Navigator helps cybersecurity leaders overcome one of their most significant challenges –– having a clear understanding and way to visualize continuous detection coverage improvement against key security use cases across their business and IT environments.

“Outcomes Navigator lets companies get a comprehensive and accurate score of true detection coverage across their business,” said Ash Hunt, Global CISO, Apex Group Ltd. “It gives CISOs a real way to show their executive team and the board exactly how well they are doing with detection coverage across all security use cases, and what further investments may or may not be needed. We look forward to the clear visualizations that highlight use case coverage over time and are also exportable for tracking and quarterly reports.”

An overwhelming majority of security professionals (97%) report that they are confident they have the tools and processes in place to prevent intrusions or breaches, but 83% of organizations experienced more than one data breach in 2022. In Exabeam’s experience, the disconnect can largely be attributed to the lack of visibility and context security operations center (SOC) teams have on adversary behavior and the direct relationship between the choice and quality of security logs they absorb and parse for the most successful outcomes across use cases.

To solve the disconnect, Outcomes Navigator shows security teams how well the configuration of their environments protects them across all use cases and offers detailed recommendations on areas for improvement. It also shares coverage adaptability and MITRE ATT&CK® tactics and techniques impact for common use case sub-categories including compromised credentials, lateral movement, phishing, ransomware, cryptomining, data theft, and many more.

“Outcomes Navigator is a game changer for cybersecurity teams who, until now, have had to blindly trust that their SIEM is ingesting the right logs and then also extracting the right fields inside those logs to best protect their organizations,” said Andy Skrei, Senior Director, Product Management, Exabeam. “In too many cases, organizations have detection content turned on that will never trigger if something abnormal happens because the right data fields are not being extracted from the ingested logs. Outcomes Navigator fixes this SIEM industry problem once and for all with the deepest cross examination of logs and detection logic.”

Built on the cloud-native Exabeam Security Operations Platform, the New-Scale SIEM product portfolio with Outcomes Navigator uses a behavior-based approach to threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) that makes it easier for organizations to detect security threats and more quickly respond to them.

About Exabeam

Exabeam is a global cybersecurity leader that created New-Scale SIEM™ for advancing security operations. We help organizations detect threats, defend against cyberattacks, and defeat adversaries. The powerful combination of our cloud-scale security log management, behavioral analytics, and automated investigation experience results in an unprecedented advantage over insider threats, nation states, and other cyber criminals. We understand normal behavior, even as normal keeps changing — giving security operations teams a holistic view of incidents for faster, more complete response.

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