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DDoS Protection for SMB

A10 Thunder TPS® (Threat Protection System) is the world’s highest-performance DDoS protection solution, leading the industry in precision, intelligent automation, scalability, and performance.

Surgical Multi-Vector DDoS Protection

Ensuring availability of business services requires organizations to rethink how to build scalable DDoS defenses that can surgically distinguish an attacker from a legitimate user.

New threat vectors have changed the breadth, intensity, and complexity of options available to attackers. Today’s attacks have evolved, and now include DDoS toolkits, weaponized IoT devices, online DDoS services, and more. Established solutions, which rely on ineffective signature-based IPS or only traffic ratelimiting, are no longer adequate.

Thunder TPS scales to defend against the DDoS of Things and traditional zombie botnets and detects DDoS attacks through high-resolution packets or flow record analysis from edge routers and switches. Unlike outdated DDoS defense products, A10 Networks’ defenses include detection capabilities across key networks elements including A10 Thunder® ADC, CGN and CFW. These capabilities provide the context, packet level granularity and visibility needed to thwart today’s sophisticated attacks. The One-DDoS Protection detectors work in concert with A10 Networks aGalaxy® Centralized Management System and Thunder TPS for centralized mitigation that delivers fast and cost-effective DDoS resilience.

Thunder TPS’ scale and zero-touch intelligent automation architecture with aGalaxy maximize ROI and help service provider enable profitable DDoS scrubbing services. A10 Networks is available when you need help most. A10 support provides 24x7x365 services, including the A10 DSIRT (DDoS Security Incident Response Team) to help you understand and respond to DDoS incidents and orchestrate cloud scrubbing. A10 Threat Intelligence Service leverages global knowledge to proactively stop bad actors.

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