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Supercharge. Fortify. Automate. Extend protection from the endpoint to beyond with unfettered visibility, proven protection, and unparalleled response. Discover the power of autonomous with Singularity XDR.

Organizations need unified visibility across their entire technology ecosystem with automation and enforcement at every control point. As the industry leader in autonomous security,

Singularity XDR delivers:

  • Prevention. End-to-End Enterprise Visibility. Find threats and eliminate blind spots with autonomous, real time, and index-free threat ingestion & analysis that supports structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data.
  • ActiveEDR/Cross-Stack Correlation. Automatically correlate disparate data across the enterprise stack with patented Storyline™ technology to uncover malicious behaviors & techniques exhibited during targeted APT campaigns.SentinelOne’s ActiveEDR is powered by patented Storyline technology that reduces threat dwell time by making EDR detection, investigation, and response operations far easier and far reaching with massive data retention horizons to 365+ days. The net result is easy and fast attack mitigation, long term EDR visibility, and recovery with minimal friction and minimal interruption.
  • IoT/Automated Resolution & Response.Defeat high velocity threats in real time by automating and orchestrating a unified response and remediation strategy across different domains. No tedious scripting work required.
  • Workloads. Built-in Integrations.Maximize and layer trusted solutions across your security stack for premium protection without the distractions & effort of context switching with capabilities integrated across the broadest portfolio.
  • XDR Power Tools. Reduced Complexity.Make your SOC more efficient with one source of prioritized alerts, data ingestion & standardization, one consolidated view to understand attack progression across security layers, and one platform to respond faster. Singularity XDR Power Tools complement and extend EDR & XDR capabilities for security organizations seeking advanced investigative workflows and a long, retrospective look back to support comprehensive incident response

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