• ThreatMark
Anti Fraud

ThreatMark Anti-Fraud Suite (AFS) is the most advanced fraud detection solution, providing everything banks need to eliminate fraud across all digital channels.

Our complete fraud prevention solution successfully tackles significant challenges of the financial services industry, constantly facing various forms of cyber crime, fraud, and regulatory challenges.

With flexible deployment options – ThreatMark AFS provides a complete protection of web & mobile banking applications while securing user’s most precious assets and safeguarding bank’s reputation.

Deep Behavior Profiling

In the core of ThreatMark AFS is the deep learning based behavioral profiling engine.

This AI-powered engine collects and analyzes hundreds of data points ranging widely across the session and device parameters, payments and transactions details to user specific behavioral biometrics.

This data allows AFS to create a completely trusted user profile. This profile gets strengthened every time the user logins and uses online banking application as they usually do.

The trusted profiles enables ThreatMark AFS to precisely detect and identify all related anomalies, raise alerts and thus easily detect threats & prevent fraud.

We built ThreatMark AFS to be prevent fraud as early as possible. Our layered security approach spans from early warning threat detection, user verification to transaction risk analysis