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 Vectra AI, Inc. announced the integration of Vectra AI Attack Signal Intelligence™ with CrowdStrike Falcon® Next Gen SIEM.

  This expands existing CrowdStrike and Vectra AI integrations to provide security operations center (SOC) leaders, architects, engineers and analysts a clear path to replace their complex, costly, inefficient and ineffective legacy security information and event management (SIEM) with a modern detection and response platform designed for the hybrid enterprise.  

 All of today’s modern enterprises are hybrid, spanning networks, identities, clouds and endpoints. Modern attackers are exploiting this interconnectedness with hybrid attacks that quickly spread across all threat surfaces, rapidly moving laterally to progress their attack and disrupt business operations – despite having every preventative control in place. This new Vectra AI and CrowdStrike integration effectively arms SOC analysts to detect hybrid attacks in real-time and stop them early in their progression.  

 “As attack surfaces multiply and adversaries leverage more evasive methods, SOC teams are burdened by an increasing volume of alerts, causing greater workloads and ultimately, risking burnout. To keep pace, they require the most accurate attack signal, and AI-driven detection, investigation, and automation is the only answer,” said Hitesh Sheth, founder and CEO of Vectra AI. “Defending against modern hybrid attacks requires a modern hybrid approach. By partnering with CrowdStrike, we are furthering our commitment to providing the support SOC analysts need to address the most sophisticated attacks threatening their enterprise.”  

 The powerful combination of CrowdStrike Falcon Next-Gen SIEM and the Vectra AI Platform with Hybrid Attack Signal Intelligence eliminates cost and complexity by reducing hybrid attack exposure and removing detection, investigation and response latency to ultimately maximize the value of the SOC team’s time and talent. Falcon Next-Gen SIEM combines third-party and Falcon platform data, threat intelligence, AI and workflow automation to deliver more capabilities and up to 150x faster search performance than legacy SIEMs and solutions positioned as SIEM alternatives, at an 80% lower total cost of ownership. It can successfully:  

  • Find and investigate evasive threats with AI-powered detections and rich contextual insights from Vectra AI;  

  • Accelerate deployment with streamlined Vectra AI data onboarding and third-party automated response actions;  

  • Unify SOC data and workflows to deliver superior security outcomes at lower total cost.  

 “Today’s legacy SIEM are too slow and complex, forcing security analysts to navigate multiple data sources, tools and consoles to extract meaning from data and conduct investigations. In an era where adversaries are getting faster and more sophisticated in their attacks, it is vital that organizations modernize their SOC operations,” said Daniel Bernard, chief business officer, CrowdStrike. “Our integration with Vectra AI adds context to CrowdStrike’s growing ecosystem of data sources, giving security teams the insight and speed they need to stop breaches.”

Vectra Al is the best find of the NWU company for cyber security of Ukraine

 Thanks to the NWU company, which is the official distributor of Vectra Al in Ukraine, you can now buy NDR (Network Detection and Response) from the world leader of the domestic IT market, which is an integral part of the SOC triad.

 Vectra AI, Inc. is the leader in hybrid attack detection, investigation and response. The Vectra AI Platform delivers integrated signal across public cloud, SaaS, identity, and data center networks in a single platform. Vectra AI’s patented Attack Signal Intelligence empowers security teams to rapidly detect, prioritize, investigate and stop the most advanced hybrid cyber-attacks. With 35 patents in AI-driven detection and the most vendor references in MITRE D3FEND, organizations worldwide rely on the Vectra AI Platform and MDR services to move at the speed and scale of hybrid attackers. 

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