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Solving your network problems requires strong visibility and adequate monitoring of your network, otherwise, you’re stumbling around blindly. Your security and network monitoring tools are only as good as your visibility, and you need to be able to see the ENTIRE network.

Comprehensive Traffic Adaptation to Meet Your Business Needs and Save You MoneyThe visibility adaptation layer is an important driving force in cutting operating costs and improving ROI, enabling maximal cost-effectiveness in how you manage and secure your resources. By implementing our full range of products, you can enhance this layer so that it offers not only critical visibility but the capability to adapt traffic for each required service.

The visibility adaptation layer adjusts and modifies traffic for each required service as needed, by blocking, filtering, aggregating, replicating, stripping, tunneling, load balancing and more—at up to 100Gb rates. Our products can also apply other traffic processing capabilities, such as de-duplication to offload advanced processing capabilities to the visibility layer.

Niagara’s Network Monitoring Tools

Connect to all elements in the network for complete “pervasive” visibility.

  • Network TAPs

Tap into your network with passive or active TAPs. A wide range of network monitoring tool connectors and fiber types are supported. Passive TAPs are based on an optical splitter so that the tapped network point and appliance are always connected. Active TAPs are based on optical or copper relay, ensuring full physical signal regeneration at the tapped network point.

  • Bypass

Our signature product based on BypassP2 offers a bypass segment comprising of two network ports and two appliance ports. Double-protection bypass technology offers a failsafe optical or copper relay on network monitoring tool ports and a user-configurable heartbeat generated packet on appliance ports. Use heartbeat technology to automatically detect appliance failure and failover to the network, and back to the appliance, based on the appliance’s availability. BypassP2 is available in multiple size bypass segments, supporting a range of network interfaces up to 100Gb. All products based on BypassP2 can be user-configured as active TAPs.

  • Packet Broker

Niagara’s signature FixedBroker is a high density, high-performance, packet broker series that packs a lot of power into a compact, 1U form factor. FixedBroker supports non-blocking chip‑based switching fabric and a range of network interfaces up to 100Gb for all your network and network monitoring tool needs. Some products offer multiple network interface types for easy aggregation and stacking. All FixedBroker products include Niagara’s pioneering Packet Heartbeat and FabricFlow technology for an exhaustive built-in set of packet broker features, including replication, aggregation, filtering, load balancing and more.

  • N2 Series

Our newest series of products—the N2 series—provides a single, multi-purpose platform that covers all of the visibility adaptation scenarios in your network. The N2 series can be populated with a wide range of high density, high versatility, processor-accelerated modules. Its modular design supports advanced FabricFlow technology, capabilities, and features including network TAP, bypass, packet broker, and packet processing applications. The N2 series is available in both a 1U and 2U form factors.

  • Niagara Visibility Controller (NVC)

A unified management layer for all of the products that comprise the visibility layer, the Niagara Visibility Controller creates a virtual switching fabric and facilitates effective resource allocation. It also makes it intuitive and easy to set up complete monitoring of your network monitoring tools and give you an overview of the visibility adaptation layer’s health and status. The Niagara Visibility Controller may be used to provision, enable and enforce new, dynamic, on-demand services.