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Centralized Security Orchestration Enables Rapid Response

Security analytics often take an inefficient “swivel chair” response to incidents that entail using multiple tools to respond. Creating a single point of control to pull in data and push actions to other systems is more effective, efficient, and manageable. Incident Responder has prebuilt APIs that connect and integrate with an organization’s existing system, IT, and security tools—whether email servers, Active Directory, or a firewall—for rapid response.

Automated Incident Response Playbooks

Some types of security incidents happen repeatedly, like malware attacks or phishing schemes. Incident Responder comes with pre-built playbooks designed to capture the workflow and actions needed to repeatedly deliver successful resolutions for familiar offenders. Playbooks can be semi- or fully-automated, and include actions like evidence gathering, containment, and mitigation.

Simplified Automation with Turnkey Playbooks

Developing and implementing playbooks for frequently-used workflows takes valuable time to configure and requires a costly investment in third-party tools to leverage pre-existing integrations. Turnkey Playbooks allow security teams to implement automation projects in an existing SOC rapidly and easily. Turnkey Playbooks are out-of-the-box incident response playbooks that address common security scenarios like phishing or malware without requiring you to license or configure additional third-party software.

Graphical Playbook Editor

With most security automation and orchestration tools, it can be difficult to develop playbooks that accurately initiate action to all systems involved. The Incident Responder visual playbook editor dramatically simplifies security playbook development, using drag-and-drop logic and flow charts to connect systems and create powerful security actions.

Action Editor

Every organization’s environment and procedures are unique, sometimes requiring custom incident response actions as a result. Exabeam Action Editor was built for such a need, and works with Incident Responder to guide users through an intuitive, self-service interface to build or modify actions and integrations in minutes, so analysts can efficiently create playbooks specific to their organization.


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