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A central system of record for investigations and incident response

Managing security incidents without the right tool can be chaotic. With teams using post-its, notepads or spreadsheets, incidents and evidence gathered from different security tools during an investigation may slip through the cracks. Case Manager centralizes all evidence for security incidents and tracks investigation efforts in a single place for enhanced productivity.

Guided incident checklists

Don’t think twice. Differences in skill and experience mean analysts will approach the same incident differently. When an incident is handed off to another analyst or sent to a manager for review, the recipient needs to understand what has been done so far. Checklists allow teams to create step-by-step instructions or ‘tasks’ grouped into phases aligned with NIST frameworks. Standardized response workflows help managers assess progress and improve overall response quality to help junior analysts learn best practices, while security leaders are able to deliver repeatable outcomes.

A ticketing system designed for security

SOC teams must often use ticketing systems shared with IT and support teams. These systems aren’t built to handle the information generated by multiple, disparate security tools, causing analysts to manually gather, record, and add incident details to produce a ticket. Case Manager holds and displays security-specific details, enabling teams to perform faster analysis and effectively respond to an incident.

Integrated case management to streamline workflows

Standalone security management tools—like SIEMs, or security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions—require analysts to manually and repeatedly copy and paste information. As a result, case details remain scattered across separate tools. In contrast, Case Manager directly embeds case evidence from detection, investigation, and response into an incident, reducing an analyst’s mean time to respond (MTTR).

Embedded communications make it easier

Analysts often need to communicate with employees and other users about an incident, whether to report findings, gather additional information, or request a screen shot. As part of that process, analysts traditionally needed to open yet another email, messaging, or ticketing tool, disrupting their workflow. With native messaging, email, and IT ticketing integrations, Case Manager allows analysts to interact with external parties without leaving Exabeam, improving their productivity and response times.

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