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Thunder CGN, the most advanced carrier-grade networking solution, provides high-performance CGNAT with protocol translation that allows service providers and enterprise to extend IPv4 investment while simultaneously transitioning to IPv6 standards.

The award-winning A10 Thunder CGN proactively solves IPv4 address exhaustion to overcome the challenges associated with the rapid increase of IP address demands for internet-connected devices and BYOD roll out. Thunder CGN delivers advanced CGNAT features to help service providers and enterprises extend IPv4 connectivity, transition to IPv6 and reduce TCO, while supporting network and infrastructure transformation to cloud native, 5G, and edge technologies.

As network addressing and IPv6 transition architectures can vary greatly across and within an organization, customers need a solution that provides the broadest support for industry standards and meets different IP address and protocol translation requirements simultaneously.

Thunder CGN enhances your infrastructure security and availability to ensure your applications remain addressable and operate transparently through address translation with multiple mechanisms, such as integrated DDoS protection for NAT pools and application layer gateways (ALG).

Built on A10’s market-proven Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®), Thunder CGN delivers advanced functionality across the broadest range of form factors - container, virtual, bare metal and physical - with performance up to 370 Gbps.

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